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About Us

EDGE! Tutoring Services, Inc. is a public 501 (c) (3) nonprofit based in Metro Atlanta. 


Our Mission: "To change lives by being the premier provider of quality, personalized educational services in our community." 


Our Vision: To create a world where an excellent education is designed for the individual and accessible to all. 

We are committed to service and excellence

Our Philosophy:

To that end, we will commit: 

  • To focus on individuals, not numbers. 

  • To provide passionate educators that love teaching. 

  • To encourage creativity, individuality, and ingenuity

  • To support students  as they achieve academic and career success

  • All subjects, All Ages (Pre-K to Adult)

  • AP and ACT/SAT/GED test prep programs

  • Highly Qualified, Fully Screened Tutors

  • Professional Academic & Career Coaches

  • FREE In-Home or Online Consultation

  • Affordable Rates

  • School-based Curriculum

  • Student-Mentor Relationships

  • Pediatric Nutritionist /Registered Dietitian

  • Positive Results

We want you to be excited about learning!
We want you to build your confidence!

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(678) 827-EDGE (3343)


We want you to feel empowered!
We want you to succeed!