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"“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”

   Our Commitment to Excellence  

With small class sizes and access to individualized learning, our scholars receive a unique educational experience.  Students excel in learning environments that promote academic excellence, character development, social awareness, personal responsibility, and a sense of community. 

  2018-2019 School Fees

Registration: $150/academic year 
Administrative: $120/semester
Tuition: $125/week
Technology: $100/semester**
*Tuition cost includes dance, musical theater, or music lessons from our partner, Momentum Arts. 
**All students will receive a laptop.
Families are eligible for $15/internet from our partner, PCS for People. 

   Our Unique Approach 

Student-teacher ratio: 6:1
Flexible learning: Students can learn anytime, anywhere.
Multi-tiered approach: Students enrolled in GA online schools (GA Connections, K12 Online,and GA Cyber Academy) and educational platforms (Khan Academy)
Support: Students will have a teacher, learning coach, tutor, and academic counselor  
Individuality: Individualized learning. Resources for struggling students and for gifted learners. 

Tuition Policy

Every academic year, parents are required to sign a tuition contract with EDGE! Prep Academy. We accept limited applicants each year. Parents are liable to pay the entire tuition and fees amount for the school year even if their student does not attend school the entire year.  By agreeing to pay tuition and fees to EDGE! Prep Academy, parents understand that the school will be entitled to recover its reasonable attorneys' fees incurred in enforcing the tuition agreement and all outstanding principal and interest then due and payable, in accordance with OC.G.A. § 13-1-11. 
All tuition and fees paid to EDGE Prep Academy are nonrefundable.  

Payment Options

  • Full tuition payment is due on June 15th  
  • Half of tuition is due on June 1
  • Remaining half of tuition is due on December 1 
  • 10 monthly payments due on the following dates: 
Payment 1: June 1 (no payment due in July)
Payment 2: August 1 
Payment 3: September 1
Payment 4: October 1 
Payment 5: November 1 
Payment 6: December 1 
Payment 7: January 1
Payment 8: February 1 
Payment 9: March 1 
Payment 10: April 1 (no payment due in May)
*Installment fees will apply

All families will be required to set up a payment plan through our Tuition Management System. There will be no exceptions. Our tuition management system is responsible for collecting all tuition and incidental charges for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

A credit card payment option is available; however, the system charges a processing fee of 2.75% for credit card payments. In order to avoid paying the processing fee, you will need to link your checking account to your payment plan. 


Automatic withdrawal is the only payment method accepted for monthly plans. Failure to remit payments in a timely manner may result in a late fee and if consistent, student withdrawal from the school. Official transcripts, books, and/or report cards will be held until tuition payments are current or an alternate payment plan has been approved by the Executive Director.