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EDGE! home school and tutoring sessions will be offered at Momentum Arts at 3750 Hewatt Court, Suite B Snellville, GA 30039. Visit for affordable dance, fitness, and music classes. Here are the classes they are offering this Fall.

EDGE! is proud to offer affordable computers and internet access to its clients through a partnership with PCs for People. You can check out the available laptops, desktops, and internet service

Edge Tutoring Services is partnered with Envision Nutrition and NOSH (Nibble on something healthy) Box. All of our students have access to our Pediatric Nutritionist, Donna DeCaille, RDN. We understand that food and physical activity improve student's test scores, academic achievement, academic behavior, cognitive skills, and academic performance. We want our students to lead healthy lives so they can perform at optimal levels. The NOSH Box is a great holistic alternative for children that are overweight, with or without pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, ADHD, and Type II diabetes.

Edge Tutoring Services is partnered with the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy to provide a free monthly age-appropriate book to children birth-age 5. Books are mailed to the child each month. This program is designed to promote a habit of reading in children and to get parents involved in reading to their children.

Families who relocate within Georgia will continue to receive the book until age 5 (parent must provide a change of address to the Ferst Foundation). Edge Tutoring Services strives to enroll all eligible children in Gwinnett County, GA. Please complete this registration form and email it to us if you would like to enroll your child. If you live in Gwinnett County and would like to learn more about this program, email us at Residents of other counties please visit Ferst Foundation to learn more.

Edge Tutoring Services is partnered with Techno Centro, an organization that believes that technology can change the world; It starts with education and mentoring. Techno Centro's objective is to educate all with new technologies and create innovation through accelerated resources for our community. Techno Centro is a results-oriented training facility preparing students for career success in the high tech space. By using strategic methods, Techno Centro's staff helps students have a bright future in technology and education.

If you would like to partner with us, please email us at