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My experience with EDGE is amazing.  I contacted the service for tutoring for an adult with cognitive/learning disability and I got a whole support system in return.  What a blessing! The director matched my son with the right tutor and counselor. The open communication, reliability, accountability and team effort, is outstanding.  The staff works along with us, not only for us, to set, work toward and reach goals that have been set to help my son succeed. I have no words to express my gratitude for the staff and the service they are providing to my son and I.



Mr. Albert was a great tutor for my children. He did an amazing job working with them and they had a great time being tutored by him. He was very helpful, and even went the extra mile in communicating with their teachers for me by email. He is a great addition for EDGE & I am so thankful...



I have had a great experience with Edge! The Edge! staff are available and communicative. The students have been a joy to work with. Families have been welcoming and accommodating. Scheduling has been smooth.



It has been good working with the tutor. I have been getting better grades.



Special thank you to Edge Tutoring Services for the practice ACT/SAT exams for our High School Students.

-Harbour Oaks Montessori School


Since age 3 I had been trying to get my son help for his speech problems but was told that he passed all tests they give to determine if he needed speech therapy. As he got older I began to notice that his reading was not where I felt he should be and I believed that part of that had to do with his speech. I also noticed that it had begun to weigh on his confidence. When he was in 3rd  grade the school wanted to hold him back because he did not test well on the test that they give at the end of the year to determine if the students should be promoted to the next grade level. His teacher also noticed began his speech problem. So once again I had him tested and they denied him speech therapy. After speaking with his primary care physician again, my son was referred to a child psychologist and was diagnosed as high functioning autistic when he was in 5th grade. It turned out that I was right.... His speech was interfering with his reading and causing problems with him comprehending what he was reading. He was not completing his test because he was more concerned about getting the answers right rather than finishing on time.  I was first introduced to Edge Tutoring Services approximately two years ago when my son was 11 (not long after his diagnosis). My son and I sat down with one of the tutors and discussed his history and the goals that I had for my son. Although he was in the 5th grade, he was reading at a 3rd to 4th-grade reading level. However, after working with Edge Tutoring service his reading and comprehension of what he read had improved and he loved his tutor. She didn't just sit and tutor him, she asked him questions about himself. She got to know him and what he liked. When she found out hat he loves animals, she would come to each tutoring session with a new fact for him. It became a competition because she would tell him things that he already knew and he would tell her "I already know that" and add to what she thought she knew.  By the end of six weeks, he was reading at his appropriate grade level including his comprehension of what he had read. I was so excited because not only did his reading and comprehension improve, but his confidence improved as well. Although I was a little skeptical about tutoring versus speech therapy, Edge Tutoring has helped my son so much more than I had imagined. I would and have recommended Edge Tutoring to not only family and friends, but also to coworkers. I will continue to refer clients to the company because I believe in what they do, I love the professionalism and the personal care that I felt was put into tutoring my son. I feel like my son formed a bond with his tutor and it brings tears of joy to my eyes to see how he connected with her and how she has helped him in his journey of life.



EDGE! provided me with an awesome tutor in a very short amount of time. Carter, my physics tutor, met me at a local library on a flexible schedule and helped me immensely through college physics. I recommend EDGE! to any student that needs help in their coursework. Their staff are very helpful and friendly as well.​



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